Truth Decay in Conserving and Enhancing the Historic Environment: Southend-on-Sea

Why does one historic part of a town become designated as a conservation area yet it takes decades for another, similar, equal or even more significant area to achieve the same status? Furthermore, when only part of the second area is finally recommended for designation, is this limitation an extension of the same problem? Do these instances of what

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The future of retail; we have to address scale and separation

The backside of retail [1960-70s Southend-on-Sea and 2017 Oxford]

a time when we are all thinking about the future of retail and the Government
is looking to expand permitted development rights (MHCLG Planning Reform Consultation)
to ‘support new businesses and encourage further diversity’, including upwards
‘air space’ extensions, it is worth considering exactly what we

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The Death and Life of the High Street

As published by The Royal Society of Arts 7th September 2018

(with apologies to Jane Jacobs)

The High Street as a place can be seen as the centre of our urban settlements and in this it carries great historical significance and heritage value. Yet now we frequently hear that the High Street

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